The sheer number of window blind styles available both offline and online can make it difficult to choose from. However, it is possible to simplify the matter by simply hanging a piece of fabric at the top of your window.

You can adjust the slats to let light in or block out light. Blinds can clear out space around windows, making them the ideal window treatment for areas that are cluttered.

This would include kitchen blinds or bathrooms blinds. The blinds available at The Brighton & Love Blind Company have the ability to change the look of the room by changing the fabric it is made from is a great feature.

A Roman blind with sheer voile will soften the light and give the room a modern feel.  The same blind design can be used with a rich damask lining to block light and flatter warm rooms. 

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You can add style to your room decor by trimming or shaping the edges of your window treatment. This is true regardless if you choose a standard roller blind or a prestige festoon blind.

How to choose the right style of window blind

Understanding the window treatments you have available will help you choose the best blind for your room. A roller blind is the simplest type of window blind.

It consists of a flat piece made of fabric, which is then stiffened and wrapped around the wooden roller. The brackets are attached to the top of each window. Roller blinds have a spring at one end.