Sometimes you want to take another person riding with you on the ATV. The chances are that you own a medium to small ATV and not one of the big ones that can fit two persons at the same time. Fitting two persons on one of these ATVs can be frustrating and unsafe. A wrong turn and you'll lose your passenger. 

If you want to extend the functionality of your ATV to accommodate another passenger comfortably, take a look at a back seat for ATV. You may think that these attachments are hard to find or to fit, but in reality, they are simple to simple and can be installed on all existing ATV models and brands. The process is quite simple, and it usually requires tightening some bolts. 

The joy of riding can be a shared experience, where you can take your loved ones on rides on fields, forests, and so on. Not only you'll be able to share the experience, but most ATV back seats also come storage space, ideal if you want to store working tools or even food for a picnic. These storage spaces are significant, with more than two cubic feet of storage. 

With minimum effort, you can extend the functionality of your ATV in minutes by adding a back seat.