Hand signs are an essential part of any dog training. You can check this link https://yourdogfirst.com/ to get information regarding basic dog training commands.

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A puppy learns from continual repetition. Therefore signals have to be shown the exact same manner every time. They need to be clear and not cluttered.


As a dog has to read the signs from the distance, it's very important that these signs can clearly be observed. That is the reason the signals revealed, are created beside the human body and why accuracy is so essential.


A uniform method is much more of an edge to coaches compared to the handler. It permits the teacher to provide much better guidance when he understands how the handler is after.

To instruct to react to a hand sign, we integrate it using voice control. Originally the dog is reacting to the voice and immediately notes that the relation between the command along with the sign.


Give the command "down" at the same time swinging your right arm across your body, from left to right, finishing the action with your arm away from your body at about forty-five degrees on the right-hand side.

If the dog has learned the "down" position correctly, the command, combined with the downward effect of the lead and choker should convince him to drop.