You may think that you don't need major expense insurance because you're young and healthy. But the truth is, anyone can become seriously ill or injured, and medical bills can quickly become overwhelming. If you're not prepared, a major illness or injury could leave you bankrupt.

Major expense insurance can help protect you financially if you become seriously ill or injured. It can help pay for things like hospital stays, surgeries, and rehabilitation. To get more details about  Major expense Insurance you may check this out now.

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If you have major expense insurance, you'll have one less thing to worry about if something happens to you. How to Buy Major Expense Insurance. There are two kinds of major expense insurance: private pay and employer paid.

Check with them first to see if they offer such a benefit.

Private Pay Major Expense Insurance Plans – You can buy private pay major expense insurance directly from an insurance company or agent. You'll select the plan that best fits you, and then pay for it out-of-pocket or through a payment plan.

Employer Paid Major Expense Insurance Plans – These plans are typically offered by employers as part of the benefits package they offer to employees. The insurance is provided through an outside third party (called a major medical insurance carrier) and may cover you and your family.

Hospital Indemnity Insurance – Hospital indemnity insurance is a plan that covers you if you're admitted to a hospital for an illness or injury. This plan pays for things like room, board, and other expenses while you're in the hospital.