You might be suffering from "Problem Mentality Syndrome". People who have "Problem Mentalities", are often trapped in their misery. They often find it difficult to see the good in the situations they are facing. 

Many people believe that their problems will not get better, that their relationships will end, and that nothing will ever go their way. These people often have a lot of unresolved grief. Habitat for Wellness can help you to get rid  from these kinds of problems.

The tendency to avoid confronting this guilt can lead to a subconscious belief that they don’t deserve to be happy and well. Many of these people are influenced by their parents' beliefs about financial need, negative characteristics of women and men, and health issues.

 People suffering from 'PMS' often have these subconscious beliefs in their heads and don't think twice about questioning them. People with PMS are likely to carry around energy from past traumas, hurts, and events they have not been able to let go of. 

This energy blocks their chakras and prevents them from living happier life. It actually works to create the same issues and patterns that cause the problems, which in turn leads to more negative beliefs.

A counselor or therapist may be able to help you. It is possible to work with a counselor or therapist to release the energy and tendencies that you hold onto.