People keep asking each other- which watch winder to buy. Surprisingly, there are dozens of different watch winders in the market.

You can always find a disc winder or buy the cheapest watch winder, but most automatic watch owners prefer to buy branded watch winder storage (In Norwegian language “Oppbevaring”).

watch winder etui

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To be fair, a few words about the watch winding mechanism: Automatic watch winders are mainly used for two purposes:

1. Automatic watch winding – Automatic watches are becoming more and more common. Instead of manually rotating the watch every time the power reserve runs out, you can rotate the watch. It may be more difficult to manually rotate the watch with complex parameters such as perpetual calendar and moon phases.

2. Roll up the watch with screwable crowns – Every time you attach or open the crown, the crown wears out. Rotating the clock allows the clock to run longer.

When you buy a new watch winder, take a winder case or winder case along with you to protect the winder.

This Triple Tree watch winder is a watch collector’s dream come true: It features four different watch winding stations, plus it has room to store up to six additional watches. It’s built with a wooden shell, piano paint, and has memory foam watch pillows that work to keep your timepieces secured and protected from bumping into each other.