Colocation is a type of popular hosting sites, particularly for small businesses seeking the benefits that come with hiring a dedicated IT team, but without the fixed cost.

Colocation is a type of hosting in which a company buys its web server or servers outright and places them in the rack of a host. You can find information regarding colocation in Maryland via


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By doing this, the business owner can save storage space because they will not have at home an entire rack of servers; and they can also take advantage of the bandwidth of the hosting provider. The bandwidth that is used in a given amount of time is included in the web hosting package, and the business owner can just use it as if it were their own.

In addition to bandwidth, the web host will also provide an IP address and server power. The fact that the host provides both the server and the owner of the business, is one of the greatest benefits of hosting a colocation site.

Drawing of bandwidth used by property and using it as you need is usually much more affordable than it would be if you were to buy this bandwidth and rent a web server from a hosting provider.