Fights and debates between partners are normal and can even strengthen an already healthy relationship. However, when dealing with a husband who is very insecure, simple problems can lead to big arguments and even escalate into domestic violence. 

Domestic violence occurs when couples feel asked to give more than they can give. This type of ego threat is a common trait of bullies. There are many reasons that can cause a domestic violence situation. You can visit to know about those reasons and their solutions.

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One of the main causes of symptoms of domestic violence – lying, cheating, screaming, hitting – is a narcissistic personality disorder. NPD is a serious mental and emotional illness. With an ingrained set of learned behaviours, highly insecure people or violent partners use violent tactics as a means of coping with stress or low self-esteem.

Narcissist friends and family or emotional abusers often feel insecure wondering if they could "do something wrong" or do something else to avoid narcissistic abuse or prevent future domestic violence.

There are techniques and skills available to learn how not only to distinguish between offender's behaviour and your reactions but also to eliminate or even intercept the trigger to avoid disputes that could lead to domestic violence.

How can you prevent domestic violence fighting from escalating? The first step is to recognize that while playing, your partner or family member is actually crying, just to be heard.

The first step is not to believe that the threat of leaving will change your behaviour because it will only make it worse. While it's natural to strike back in order to protect yourself, communicating your illness in a calm, understanding tone is often an effective and debilitating strategy.