Velvet ropes are a combination of class, elegance and style. You can see such kinds of crowd control or queue management arrangements only during VIP events. Velvet ropes come in various colours. Most of the time you can see them in rich colours – red, green and blue. While you host any VIP event but do not want your guests to be treated like regular crowds, prefer using velvet ropes and classic stanchion posts. For your convenience, you can purchase stanchions Calgary at

Here are the best reasons what are  velvet ropes stanchion used:

– Velvet rope stanchions are used for wayfinding. While you invite VIP guests to your event you might like them more walking on a red carpet. Placing velvet opes on the side can help the way to the right direction while feeling important and special.

– If you are inviting press and media to cover your event, you would like to keep them at a distance so that they can do their work without creating any discomfort space for your guests. Here you can place velvet rope stanchions to create a boundary between the press and your guests. These stanchions look elegant in any way so rather than looking at any hindrance they will look attractive.

– If your VIP event is about showcasing important things you can use velvet rope stanchions as a boundary line around those things.