Powder coating is a type of paint coating that is applied as a dry powder, delivered by an evaporating solvent. There are many benefits to powder coating over conventional spray-painting methods.

The powder coating process

Put simply, powder coating is used to apply a protective finish to any type of metal object. Powder coating is made from pigment and resin particles are often applied using an electrostatic gun. These particles are electrostatically charged onto the surface, creating a strong and aesthetically pleasing finish. You can also browse online if you are looking for powder coating booth for sale.

The benefits of powder coating


Powder coating creates a hard finish that is considered to be much tougher than conventional paint. As a powder coating involves applying a dry powder, each layer is thicker and not running as the strength of the liquid layer. Powder coating process will leave the surface resistant to any wear and tear such as chipping, fading, or scratching.

Economic feasibility

Whatever your industry, powder coating is one of the most economical ways to paint the surface. If you apply the powder coating process is complete with the help of Junair Spraybooths, powder coating can often be cheaper than any other painting method in the long term.

Environmentally friendly

Economic benefits aside, powder coating is environmentally friendly! Here, in Junair, our powder coating equipment is ideal for companies that want to increase their energy efficiency as powder coating contains no solvents, release a little (if any) Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere.