There are a number of benefits to having a skills assessment in place, including: 

-Helping employees focus on their strengths and potential areas for growth.

-Providing employees with a snapshot of their current skill set and how it compares to other employees in the company. However, companies also use Employee Assessment Tools & Recruitment Assessment Tools from Wild Noodle.

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-Creating an action plan for both employee development and enhancement of the company's overall competitiveness.

Streamlining job applications by identifying skills that are essential for certain positions.

When it comes to choosing a salary, managers are in the driver’s seat. They are generally responsible for setting salaries and benefits, as well as ensuring that they meet all legal requirements and attract the best employees.

As such, managers should have their finger on the pulse of how their company values money. Most financial decisions flow through two paths: employee paychecks, and investment returns. When considering how much to contribute to each, managers need to consider several factors.

This can include a company’s specific goals, industry trends or market conditions, or even increasing costs for health care and other benefits over time. Hiring engineers can be extremely challenging, but it's worth the investment when you really need a specific skill set.

When looking at hiring engineers, you should look at other teams in your organization and make sure they have enough engineers with the right skills.