Barbados is an island located in the Caribbean and about 20 miles wide and 15 miles long and like most islands in the Caribbean.

Suggestions for all visitors are to check the weather before you head to Barbados and the Caribbean in general. Hurricane season is from September to early November and there is a high risk of hurricanes each year during those months. In case you are planning a vacation to Barbados then check ajoupavilla13barbados

The island was once owned by the Portuguese, but in 1600 the British took control and the current population is about 300,000.

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Bridgetown is the capital of Barbados and in 1966 achieved independence, but still retains the British monarch.

It seems that of all the islands in the Caribbean, Barbados is the most developed and is also rumored to be the most developed country in the western hemisphere following the USA and Canada.

Barbados is considered a rich country, which sits among the top 50 richest countries in the world. People who live on the island has a high living standard and has one of the highest earners in the world.

Tourism and sugar cane are the island's main source of income.

The island attracts wealthy investors and thus the economy compared with other developed countries in the region. Like most rich countries that have the presence of rich people, the price may increase. So, any tourist who wants to frequent restaurants or other attractions of the villa in Barbados should be prepared to pay a large sum of money compared with most developed countries normally.