With direct-mail marketing persistence is a virtue. Your persistence will pay when prospects in these categories moved to 'ready to purchase' category. There are four types of direct mail marketing campaign are discussed in this article.

1. Tip-of-the-Month Series

A monthly mailing is the easiest way to achieve consistency. Content to their letter must be something you know a lot about. tips need to be in touch with what your product / service. Think about what your customers would use or need either just before or after they buy your product. You can browse https://www.mailkingusa.com/ for getting more information about direct mail marketing services.

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2. Recognition Campaign

These awards identify the campaign and existing customers to say 'thank you'. It is suggested that you tone down the marketing when using this approach. When you send a 'thank you' to leave the field sales entirely. It is very effective for existing customers to keep the 'top of mind' you and refer you to others.

3. Campaign Pre / Post-Sale

Use this campaign to follow your prospects along the buying cycle so that the customer follow-up. This will create consistency, repetition and follow-up.

A company makes a sale to replace some windows and sending postcards to other houses in the region announced that they would be in the neighborhood. Once the window in (make sure your page is a sign on the front page), the company sent another card to reflect this, and then start mailing to the area regularly.