Your home is as safe as locks on doors. Overtime or due to security situations, you may need to change your lock to protect your security and privacy.

There are several ways to achieve this. So if you're considering swapping outdoor locks on your home, read on. We'll help you understand when it's important and when you can use an easier and cheaper method to change keys. You can also look for the best key lock replacement via

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Changing door locks can include replacing or resetting. Both methods ensure that the old key doesn't unlock anymore. Changing door locks is the most comprehensive way to ensure safety. This will remove the existing door lock (including the handle if it is a combination lock) and install a new lock in place.

Replace broken locks

Like all moving parts, locks will eventually wear out. Inserting the wrong key into the lock or simply repeating the locking and unlocking motion over time can damage the internal mechanism, making the lock sticky or difficult to turn. In this situation, it is best to bite the ball and replace the entire lock.

Change the keys if your keys are lost or stolen

If your home keys have been stolen, one of your first business tasks is to replace your door locks so that no one can access your home. You only need to replace the entire lock if the only key is missing.