The Democratic Alliance (DA) is South Africa’s largest political party. It was formed in 1944 and has been in the governing coalition since 1994. The DA has long been a proponent of democracy and human rights, and its current leader, Mmusi Maimane, has made peacebuilding a central part of his agenda. You can also get more information on democratic alliances in South Africa online via

In February 2017, the DA announced its plans to launch a peace initiative in South Africa. The initiative will focus on building trust between the government and the South African National Defence Force (SANDF), as well as between different ethnic groups in the country. The DA also plans to work towards reconciliation between victims of apartheid and their perpetrators, as well as between former combatants and civilians.

The DA’s peace initiative is an important step forward in efforts to rebuild trust between South Africans and address the legacy of apartheid. It will also help to promote reconciliation and stability in the country.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is South Africa's largest political party and has been working on a peace initiative since 2008. The DA has a long history of promoting democracy and human rights, as well as being a proponent of peaceful solutions to international conflicts. 

The DA's peace initiative was born out of frustration with the lack of progress made in resolving the conflict in South Africa. The organization believes that building strong democratic institutions is the key to addressing conflict, and that good relationship between all South African ethnic groups are essential to achieving this goal.