The importance of a clean water supply is seen everywhere. Humans, plants, and animals need it to survive. Water is essential for all living things.

Humans and animals need clean water supply everywhere. The human body contains more than 70% water. Every function and part of a mammal's body needs water to survive and function effectively. Contaminated water can damage any system in the body. Water that is not clean enough can also cause permanent damage to the brain or other vital organs.

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People use it in many ways. Cooking, bathing, washing, and drinking. Taking a bath or shower in the dirt, would just not get a person clean. We don't cook with feces or drink water that we consider dirty.

Animals have the same need for clean rivers, lakes, and streams. Mammals, birds, fish, and reptiles depend on clean supplies to survive. Many animals die from a lack of clean and healthy care.

Water is used by every function of the body. The body cannot function without clean and healthy water. There should be plenty of clean drinking water. 

Part of the water is cleaned by a filter system. Urban water is cleaned mostly at the central point and reaches households through a pipeline system, which appears to be clean and healthy. Some country houses have a private well system that pumps water into the house from the land on which the house is located.