Most efficient Porsche models for racing include the 911 GT3. It was specifically designed to emulate those GT3 RSR race cars that Porsche utilizes in motorsports around the world and is constructed to take on quick turns with ease.

The upgrade program offers the naturally-aspirated engine an impressive twin turbocharger, which is paired with the chassis being modified, new Porsche wheels, and a unique exhaust. To order a custom driveshaft, you know everything about your vehicle.

custom driveshaft

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The flat-six cylinders with high revving received a total overhaul thanks to 9ff, which has a new twin turbocharger system that dramatically boosts output.

This engine bore 3.9 milliliters of displacement. It was bolstered with new rods and pistons, and given an upgraded camshaft and a new crankshaft. The engine is equipped with a brand carbon fiber airbox that is mounted on a new intake manifold.

A brand new exhaust system that includes downpipes with catalytic converters for sport, mufflers, and quad tips aids in reducing back pressure and making sure that turbochargers can spool up faster.

The increase in power also required that the chassis be upgraded. The driveshaft, transmission, and differential were replaced with more powerful units that could accommodate 1200 horsepower. The typical Porsche wheels were removed, and the new, forged wheels were fitted with a center locking mechanism similar to the race automobiles.

Additionally, the carbon-ceramic brakes that were previously used in higher-performance Porsche models were fitted to 9ff GTurbo and a specially-designed Bilstein suspension was fitted to allow for the adjustable height of the suspension, as well as rebound settings.