Everyone enjoys a good horror movie. In the movie industry, the horror genre contains many smaller sub-genres, all aimed to scare the audience and provide a thrilling,  fearful experience.

Here's a list of some of the most frightening, hair raising and just plain frightening horror films that have ever been made. If you are looking for the best spooky movies then you can consider puzzle box horror

best spooky movies

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Arachnophobia: This 1990 movie starring John Goodman features those eight-legged creatures so a lot of us fear. Spiders rule in this movie. They attack humans and wreak havoc general insanity, causing quite a bit of destruction in their wake. This movie can send chills down your spine because spiders are only plain creepy. 

The Brood: This film focuses on a husband who has it in for his wife's therapist. He wants to take a look at the techniques that he uses on his mentally ill wife. It is one of the weirder horror films around.

Amityville Horror: A young family movies in their first home. The house happens to be haunted. Bad things. A ghost screams in a priest to escape and there are glowing red eyes in the walls. It's based on a true story too.

Saw: This film series is famous for its fearful, gory scenes. The Limbs get chopped off. Blood splatters everywhere. Jigsaw, the serial killer behind most of this gore, is more than happy to play games with his weak victims.