You may have a chandelier in your home, but you might not be aware of it. A lot of people get confused about what "chandelier" actually means. A vintage chandelier is now a modern chandelier. A chandelier is a large, crystal-like or glass-shaped object that hangs high from the ceiling. 

However, not all chandeliers look like this. Many chandeliers can be used in kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms or other areas. Some chandeliers do not have to be beautiful but are made for lighting purposes. It is also easier nowadays to find the lighting with a color changing twist.

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The kitchen chandelier is a practical and elegant example of a light fixture that has an elegant flair. The purpose of kitchen lights is to warm and lighten the room, as well as create an inviting environment. The kitchen chandeliers are not usually made from glass or crystal, but rather of copper or metal tones that match the other kitchen appliances. 

Modern chandeliers can be matched with stainless steel or black appliances. Another important feature of kitchen chandeliers are that they do not have a white color. Warm lighting is a result of the warmer light that lights have.

Although a living room or sitting room chandelier may be more sophisticated than a kitchen one, they do not need to be a permanent fixture. The living room chandelier should be elegant, but also provide warm and inviting lighting, just like the kitchen. 

The living room chandelier should be large enough to illuminate the space and make a statement but not the focal point of the room. Modern chandeliers are more artistic and can be found in a variety of shapes or designs.

On the threshold of the last century, a discovery was made that illuminates our world today. In the early 20th century, a scientist from Marconi's laboratory discovered electroluminescence. 

The word six dollars means that some materials emit light when an electric current flows through them. But what does that have to do with us, you ask? This is the first step in the development of LEDs or LED lighting. You can now find the best outdoor color changing led lights via

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The invention is all around us and its popularity is skyrocketing for LED home lighting applications. LED home lighting is not gaining popularity as a trend or fashion, that's for good reason. 

Incidentally, white LED lights reproduce the "color" of the sun – white light which is actually a combination of red, blue and green. It is scientifically proven that sun exposure improves mood, improves sleep and increases energy levels. 

When LEDs mimic this healthy glow, people use these extraordinary lights to offset the effects of Seasonal Depression (SAD), relieve sadness, and generally brighten up their days. LEDs are available with Edison sockets (or standard sizes) and can be used in all common lighting fixtures in your home.

Another good reason to choose an LED lighting option is its economic value. The starting price is higher than incandescent or fluorescent lamps. And that's the important part, you'll see returns that no bank or broker can match!