The ASVAB is a test for taking a job at the military level which has nine sections. This means that you are likely to come across different questions on different topics. 

These topics are designed to test your knowledge of words, your knowledge of science and arithmetic, your ability to put things together and absorb information, and much more. You can do the ASVAB practice test online at to practice for the ASVAB exam.

Knowledge of Words: These questions test how well you know the meaning of words as they are used in context. You also need to identify synonyms.

Arithmetic Thinking: This tests your ability to handle simple math and problem-solving.

Mechanical understanding: Your ability to understand how things work and how they integrate.

Cars and Business Information: If you know how to work with cars and walk around the dealership, you should expect questions from ASVAB in this section to focus on this area.

Electronic information: Do you understand how electricity works and how it can be used for human benefit? These questions will test that knowledge. 

Mathematics Skills: These questions consist of math problems at the secondary school level.

General Sciences: These topics cover major scientific and biological problems.

Understanding Paragraphs: These questions determine how well you extract information from written material.

Assembling Objects: These questions are designed to further test your understanding of the physical realm and your ability to understand how things work and how they combine.