If you want to have your own small car business, you have two options. You can build it from scratch or buy a small, established freight company. Both options have advantages as well as challenges or constraints that need to be considered.  You can search more details about trucking companies in Kansas via https://www.jetttrucking.com/.

Tips for Buying a Small Trucking Company

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If you are looking to buy an existing business, there are several important considerations to consider before deciding if this is your best bet.


As with most types of large purchases, the selling price is a big factor in deciding if this is a small business for you. The problem is, in a transportation company, the price factor lies in various aspects of the business.

Assets and equipment

It is very important to check all the equipment carefully, especially the big tickets that are sold. This includes all your capital goods and office equipment. The more expensive it is to exchange these goods, the more careful the inspection will be to determine the actual current condition.

Customer base and reputation

Like inventory and assets, company-owned customer information must be easily accessible and readily available. Small businesses can keep customer books for years, even though they don't currently use trucking services. Be sure to check customer master information with financial reports to ensure the customer list is not out of date or supported only by names of customers who are not active.

Operating costs

If you are serious about your company, you should have full access to an annual account or an income statement. It should clearly state all business expenses.