A good estate plan can make Uncle Sam, the state treasurer, or an attorney your most happy beneficiaries after you’re gone. Trusts and estate planning are ways for your family to avoid unnecessary taxation or high fees to an attorney that could erode your estate. It doesn’t cost much and gives you control over the division of your assets. You can have control over the disposition of your assets from the grave, and you can save money on your taxes.

A will is an essential part of estate planning. Your state will have a plan for how to dispose of your property if you die without a will. The state uses blood relations to determine who will inherit the estate’s assets. The state might not give your treasured item to the person you intended, even though you may have someone in mind who will love it. It could pass your estate to relatives you don’t like or bypass the ones who care about you. You can also get services of estate planning in Los Angeles via many web sources.

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It is important to choose guardians for dependent children if you or your spouse are unable to care for them. Before you name the guardian, make sure you have spoken to the other party. They may be the best choice, but it is a huge responsibility they might not be able to handle.

In your will, you also designate an executor (or executrix) to manage the estate. This person is responsible for distributing your property upon your death. In the event the primary executor is not available, it is better to name another person. This can be done by a spouse or a trusted child. This person takes over the legal work and makes arrangements for your property distribution. Do not be concerned about the possibility that you will want someone else in the future. Any part of your will can be changed at any time.

An estate planning checklist is essential for anyone who wants to start estate planning. An assessment of all assets is the first item on your checklist. It is important to determine the ownership type of each asset on the list. If you have joint tenancy rights with survivorship, JTWROS and you own the property, then the joint owner will receive the property upon your death. Many married couples own their home and large belongings together. 


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