There are many good reasons why kitchen glass tops have become one of the most popular choices these days, both for new buildings and renovations and renovations. Glass lids and glass countertops offer key benefits that often outperform other materials or offer significant benefits that cannot be compared with other materials. You can also avail the benefits of Glass Splashbacks at Geo Glass Co. online.

Here are the main reasons why people choose glass countertops and glass lids for the kitchen.

Very few of us call "cleaning the kitchen" one of our favourite pastimes, and most of us would point out that scrubbing the table is one of the most imperfect ways to spend our free time. Sprinklers and countertops are often stained and splattered, and if the food or sauce is hot and allowed to cool, it can be very difficult to remove. 

Stains can also be a problem on some surfaces. However, there are very few windows that cannot be cleaned due to stains. Except at church, it doesn't count. Glass offers the perfect surface to clean – just spray, wipe and you're done.

Some countertops, such as granite or wood veneer, offer lots of cracks, crevices, and seams that provide the perfect haven for bacteria, mold, mildew, and germs. That means your kitchen counter or help can pose millions of potential hazards to your health and that of your family. Kitchen glass lids are hated by bacteria and mold because they have nowhere to hide.

Some glass panes and glass shutters have stained glass, but often the glass is transparent and has a tinted back. It can be one of the hundreds of different colours and patterns, offering more choices than most competing tablets and even tiles.