Stainless steel railings are available in a variety of designs. The most basics are Chicago Square, Chicago Circle, and Miami Circle.

Chicago Circle

This railing system consists of round pillars and square glass brackets and supports two major glass sizes: 3/8" and ½". When establishing the system, guarantee that the space between the posts is a maximum of 1.70 m for glass and a maximum of 1.20 m for 3/8" glass. You can also buy stainless steel railings through various online sources.

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Chicago Square

This system consists of a square rod and a square glass holder. Much like the circular system in Chicago, it supports two glass thicknesses: 3/8" and ½". Additionally, the recommended distance between posts is 5 feet for glass" and a maximum of 4 feet for 3/8" glass.

Miami circle

This system consists of a circular bar, cable enders, and cable tensioners. This system looks very classy and gives your home a very elegant and modern look.

You can find posts of any height you want. For example, you can find sticks that are 36, 40, or even 45 in height. If you want stacks of different heights, you just have to go to the manufacturer and he will make individual sticks for you. If you need a top railing, you can always purchase a railing bracket, which is usually adjustable for stairs.