OSHA (the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has been working in the field of health and occupational safety. It is helping different sectors with its health and safety training programs. Because of its training programs, the incidents and injuries at the workplace have decreased. The fatalities at the workplace have also decreased because of these programs.

The number of people taking part in these programs is increasing at a high rate with each year. Health and safety programs are targeted at different sectors and industries and people in these industries are embracing them for their own benefit.

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There are so many different programs available that are run by firms, trade associations, educational institutions, and groups.

These programs can be divided into fundamental programs, recognition programs, problem-solving programs, empowerment programs,s, etc. Fundamental programs are used for disseminating primary information for the prevention of job-related injury and problems.

Recognition programs aim at helping the students recognize hazards and ways to get rid of them. Problem-Solving programs aim at developing knowledge and skill to identify problems related to health and safety and solve them. Empowerment programs aim at making the workers aware of their rights to injury-free and safe workplaces.