Hair coloring or liquid hair dye is one of the latest trends in hair coloring by artistic stylists. If you're looking for a more natural hair color or if you want the beautiful mermaid hair you've always dreamed of, this is the technique for you.

What makes hair coloring so distinctive is that every barber has his own unique accent and style to make your hair stand out from the rest. One of the best things about this technique is that you can dye your hair dark, blonde, or dyed hair. If you want a professional hair painting service for your hair then you can have a look at his site.

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Hair coloring is currently a big trend with some more artistic stylists. With this technique, hair is colored freely, by hand, and mostly with original brushes and palettes. Hair should be flattened and usually parted with plastic wrap.

This technique creates a tone that looks natural and soft. Plus, it's much faster than foil and there's no way to tell the lines apart!

Fluid Hair Coloring is a hair coloring technique developed by KL Kristofferson. This technique is achieved by the stylist freely painting the top and bottom of the strands while the client is lying on the hair table.

The good thing about this technique is that it will always be unique. The end result is a natural-looking color without delineation. It gives a special look like you'd use soft foil, but much easier on your head.

Hair coloring technique

The hair coloring technique begins by telling the customer to lie on a flat surface or hair table. This technique allows the stylist to really imagine the overall result. The hair is then divided into sections to emphasize it.

The cut hair is then hand-colored by a stylist. The whole process can take anywhere from 45 minutes to several hours depending on your color details.