If you've worked for several employers and possibly in more than one career you know how important it is to keep up with technical changes in your career, new advancements in your industry, and your continuing career growth and development.

Although many companies realize how important it is to stay competitive through added training of their employees many do not have the resources to cover all the needs of their staffs.

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Business Analyst Career choices for a Business Analyst - What Options does a BA Have?

So the proper obligation to advance and grow your career and keep up with the related knowledge rests with you. Here are some ideas to advance your professional and career growth:

Life-time learning: The key to reaching your career objectives and building your skills is a robust plan of life-time learning and self-study.

With the internet, the source of information is almost limitless. Briefly, here are some starting points to consider:

1. Keep up with your career and industry by reading at least one all-purpose business magazine and one industry publication. Use your downtime, like waiting or your lunch hour, to keep current with your reading. Whenever you come across something of interest, summarize it and send it to other members of your department and your boss.

2. Plan to read at least one career or business-related book each month. Whenever possible add another book of topical interest.