VPN hosting service is between the shared hosting services and dedicated regarding the features and ease of use. This is the closest to the dedicated server hosting simulation. VPN provides you an advantage over the shared server and is the same as the dedicated servers in several aspects. The main server is then divided to run as an independent VPN.

As we all know there is various kind of VPN’s available in the market, but still many individuals prefer Ivacy VPN that is useful but rather slow (also known as 쓸만하지만 다소 느린 속도 in the Korean language) in speed.

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Improved Security:

Exclusive property of your score, you can choose the security settings of the server. Apart from this, no other site will be hosted in your space that prevents malicious shared items to affect your website and system performance. This is almost impossible on a shared server.

Reliable Performance:

VPN offers a single space that allows you to use the full bandwidth, disk space, and RAM designated. These parameters can be determined by the amount of flow of traffic you expect to your website. VPN allows faster page loading and faster transactions on your website.

Flexible And Scalable:

VPN is a scalable system that can be configured involves each resource when needed. If you expect your traffic increase in the coming months, you have the option of scaling of bandwidth to meet the impending increase. Additional hard drive space and RAM is also be attached according to your needs.


VPN hosting is a very affordable service. This plan is particularly useful for startup businesses who need a dedicated server, but can not afford to hire a dedicated hosting. With VPN you get to enjoy the same features as a dedicated hosting cost. VPN allows you to use your score as a single system with different settings of the operating and safety system.