Marketing for business travel audit works is an integral part of many business development strategies for CPA companies. Shipping schedule, costs generated and the ability to position companies for additional work make this involvement interesting. Many companies do the audit marketing program once or twice every season and give a little thought for the rest of this year. 

Most lose additional opportunities because deadlines have passed and there are other projects on the calendar. A rigid process, focusing on a fast-moving deadline can cause opportunities for missing involvement. You can get reporting requirements for form 5500 preparation online at

With some creativity, the same information is used to fulfill the prospect requirements for the plan-marketing plan to be “twisted” to encourage other marketing programs. Main information such as year-end plans, the total number of participants, and current audit companies (found on the H schedule or schedule C from Form 5500) will provide a significant “marketing intelligence”. 

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With this information, companies can modify EBP audit efforts to appeal to prospects at different times in a year and offer support services that may be needed. Each company focuses on marketing audit plans for its benefits with the aim of obtaining 12/31 engagement. However, “marketing intelligence” can open the door to four other types of opportunities:

  • Audit financial statements. Many companies use the same CPA company for financial statement audits and their benefit plans. When they make a decision to change the auditor, they may be open to hiring two audit companies.
  • Tax planning & return preparation. If an organization uses large companies for their audits, do they need to pay the same high rates for their tax needs? Banks may require large companies in the audit report, but have little interest in who handles tax problems.