In recent years there has been a greater trend towards research on the stock market conducted by private investors. This has been possible by the huge amount of data on the market that is now accessible on the internet to anyone who has a subscription.

The major brokerage firms in the market carry out research as a key element of their business and provide their clients with advice. If you want to know more about stock market research, then you can contact Millioner Investor company.

Stock Market Research

There are also a variety of tools for research into the stock market that is available to the public including charts software, classes, and a variety of methods of research, services, and books.

The two most common kinds of research on the stock market are:

* Fundamental Analysis

* Technical Analysis

The fundamental analysis is the process of using economic and financial data to determine the solvency, liquidity efficiency, and more importantly, the earnings potential of a particular company.

A stock market analyst using technical analysis does not look at balance sheets, corporate policies, or anything that's fundamental about the business.

Studying the stock market through the use of charts, technical indicators, and studying the behavior of groups and emotions is accomplished using both art and science. We employ science as we employ mathematical formulas as well as computers and statistics.