An eye doctor is qualified in optometry branch that covers a wide spectrum of eye problems. Thus an eye doctor is able to help patients who have difficulties such as blurred vision, eye disease and progressive condition, prescription lenses, corrective measures for lenses, prescription drugs for the treatment, repair defects in the vision of adults and children, helping to identify refractive errors, help in curing the near blindness (as possible).

The optometrists in Toronto at handle fitting contact lenses, the use of telescopic spectacles near blindness, Orthoptics (which is the science of making stronger eye muscles to improve eye coordination). The eye treatment has been increasing worldwide.

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With technological advances, the contemporary eye doctor can help the patient in a variety of ways. An optometrist work in specialized clinics and have all the facilities, diagnostic tools and can prescribe medication.

There are a number of eye doctors who could be trusted to save souls (eye). They are much more sensitive when it comes to examining the eyes. Some people who want to get rid of the specification and their contacts can go for LASIK surgery.

An optometrist will be able to provide the right advice on sunglasses and glared as well. They know that the patient’s vision continues to change and therefore will be able to provide what would be relaxing to the eye.