Being "green" and sustainable is not just a buzzword that passes again. Conversely, people see it as a lifestyle and a responsible choice. More and more people are recycling, using CFLs and energy-efficient appliances. Businesses seeking LEED certification for their property and cut back the amount of paper waste generated in the office.

Some initiatives take more time, effort, and money than others but the major changes you can make in your home or business (that will not break the bank) is investing in eco-sustainable use. Finding uniforms and clothing made from sustainable materials will greatly reduce your footprint. Check out the list of some eco friendly brands and notice that you will not have to sacrifice style for sustainability.

There are several eco-conscious stores full of creative eco-fashion available online. From their website, they provide an opportunity to do good without compromising your sense of style, providing a sustainable fashion created by an eco conscientious company committed to environmental stewardship and social responsibility." Further information and their products can be found on their website.

Besides, they offer environmentally friendly bags and organic clothing for men, women, and children. According to their website, their mission is to bring environmentally sensitive products to the mainstream market in an effort to increase environmental awareness and to provide funding collective triple bottom line for conservation nonprofit organizations."