India is one of the goals of the fastest growing medical tourism in the world. High-skilled specialists in the country, combined with the lowest medical costs and world class health care is what makes India sought after destination for health services

Patients who travel abroad for medical treatment do so for various reasons. Patients from developing countries seeking treatment in India is not available in their own country. Thus medical tourism in India is seeing the arrival of patients from our neighbouring countries. You can check out india visa application to get the visa easily.

Most hospitals and medical companies that promote medical tourism in India, providing a package or assistance that include flights, hotels, treatment and often, post-operative vacation.


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Patients planning to travel to India for medical treatment also will be interested about the quality of service and care the hospital provides.  

The Indian government also made a lot of policies to promote medical tourism. It already relaxed some norms visa on Indian tourist visa that requires a two-month gap between repeated visits to nationals of the Gulf states is a major step to boost medical tourism in India.

A proposal visa-on-arrival or E-visas for tourists from selected countries that allow foreign nationals to visit India for 30 days on medical grounds had also jumped to the medical tourism market in India. Hospitals and healthcare companies also arrange interpreter or translator for patients from abroad to make them feel comfortable and easy time communicating.