Dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds can enjoy a variety of toys, snacks, and unique gifts – and with a little creativity and thought, it's easy to come up with dog gift ideas that will definitely be worth it no matter what your budget:

Look for toys that can help many of your loved ones burn excess energy. Dogs of all ages and races can feel bored and depressed if they do not have enough physical playing time, which in turn can cause behavioral problems. You can also gift dog garden flags via

Dog gifts that provide opportunities for active play and mental stimulation can help dogs reduce problems with chewing, digging, roughness, etc.

This is especially true for toys that your dog (or your friend's dog) can play safely without support when the pet's parents are not home, when the dog is bored, causing damage. Be sure to read the packaging or insert a dog toy before you buy it or send it to the dog.

A little internet research doesn't hurt either. Not every toy is safe for every dog, and some toys are only safe when used under human control. Be careful with labelless toys bought at dollar stores or even large retailers, especially if they don't contain a lot of instructions. If in doubt, contact your veterinarian.

A good gift for a dog is someone who doesn't give the same toy all the time. For example, you can try a rescue toy for a gift and a toy rope for another time (something that a dog can safely pull or chew).