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Digital marketing is cheaper compared to traditional marketing. Due to this reason, new start-up companies are preferring to go online using digital platform when it comes to promoting their business to the world. All of this is possible with the help of digital marketing tools that play a crucial role for businesses to grow, generate profit, attract a ton of customers and so on. Let’s talk about some of the basic tools of digital marketing.

  1. Search Engine – SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the platform that offers information over information. This is a powerful tool that allows customers to look for information online whenever required. For instance; a customer goes on Google, types on the search bar as to what he or she needs and the answer is revealed instantly.
  2. Email – Email marketing is another handy tool focused by many companies when it comes to generating profit. It’s a handy tool that is cheap allowing companies to send information about their products and services via email on the customer’s id.
  3. Advertising – Another popular tool of digital marketing is the Pay-Per-Click Advertising where companies such social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook in order to promote their business.
  4. Content – Majority of websites online require a blog in order for readers to learn about the company. If the article or blog is meaningful, then the customer remains engaged with the website rather than jumping over to another.

With these basic tools, you can ask a few more by getting in touch with a digital marketing consultant.

About 70 percent of India's population lives in rural India and they are potential buyers of so many products that are still not available at their location.

Financially strong people also live in villages that have enough money to buy branded products, but due to lack of resources, they compromise with local brands or look for options outside their area. You can surf the internet to get the best rural marketing agencies in India.

When marketers get to them, it can be a win-win for buyers and sellers. On the other hand, there are villages that are poor, but still consume various types of products in their daily lives.

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Because of their needs, producers can use the business of these low-income buyers. Improving the lives of millions of people is also a good reason to solve a number of social problems in India.

When markets are created in rural areas, jobs are created and infrastructure that is needed by villages is developed.

Rural marketing research is the first and most important thing that must be started by any marketer because without knowledge of markets and unexplored potential, it will be very difficult to create a better marketing campaign.

Opportunities in rural marketing:

Rural India consumes around 60 percent of India's total commodity production. The maximum production of goods in India comes from fast-moving goods, and their products are mostly consumed in rural areas.

Products such as skin moisturizers and shampoos are not available at cheap prices, and people in the village find it difficult to buy.