Flexible packaging materials come in different forms and they are used extensively in almost all sectors in the packaging industry today. They help in preventing all kinds of problems that are common in the packaging industry such as oxidation, and other infections.

Flexible packaging materials varieties:

With their great demand throughout the world, there is a wide range of packaging materials available on the market today.

Among the various varieties are laminate bags, jumbo bags, packaging bags, zipper bags (both in materials and other plastic-coated silver), plastic zipper bags, moisture barrier bags, standup zipper bag, and printed rolls.

There is also child resistant packing and military-spec packaging available today. Besides this, you can also get custom made products tailored to meet your needs and specifications.

Flexible packaging materials in a variety of sectors:

Most of the packaging products used today are greaseproof, waterproof and vapor-proof. For these qualities, they are used in various industrial sectors such as the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, tea industry, industrial spices, color distemper industries, agro-processing industry, the sugar industry, the dairy industry, and the detergent industry.

The medical industry also uses packaging products because they are safe to use even in sensitive areas. It is appropriate for this sector because it can resist tears and punctures but open easily, which is appropriate for gas sterilization.