The Best Cenotes at all of the Riviera Maya, Mexico could be found close to the ancient Maya oriental city of Tulum. There are hundreds of Cenotes disperse in the jungle over the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, but less than twenty you can dive safely using a regular"recreational" Open Water scuba diving certificate. 

Yes, that is right you do not need to be Cave educated to delight in the marvels of cenote diving, provided that you dip with a registered guide. Now let's discuss Angelita cenote diving.

Angelita cenote diving

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Angelita is a Cenote in Tulum. This signifies"Little Angel" in Spanish. The Majority of the Cenotes from the Riviera Maya have their nickname. The nickname of this Angelita cenote is "The Nightmare" It is a critical dip and on account of this thickness, you have to get an advanced certificate.

Cenote Angelita is situated close to Tulum, about 15 mins drive to the southwest. A brief stroll through the jungle in the car park attracts us into a huge lake of water. Angelita is a profound dark dip to a cloud of hydrogen sulfide gas. That is correct, it is a gas which has shaped due to decomposing vegetation that's dropped in the Cenote. 

It is poisonous so we do not drink it and that is why we call this dip the horror film dip. It is just like an alien landscape that you may feel as though you're in another world. Angelita Cenote includes a Maximum Depth of all 56m. On the other hand, the maximum thickness for recreational sailors is 40m, and that means you should have specialized dive training to exceed a thickness of 40.