You love barbecue. You can tell the difference between a great brisket cut and a poor one. Before you even take your first bite, you can feel the quality of a rack of ribs. You are the type of person who will not settle for anything less than a masterpiece at home. You want the best results possible from your barbecue smoker.

Although BBQ may have a scientific component to it, it will always be an art form. There are many ways to cook a delicious meal on the smoker. For this, first, you need to buy a smoker. You can consider buying Camp Chef barbeque smoker.

Camp Chef

There are some things that almost everyone will agree on to ensure the best possible results for their BBQ smoker. These are some suggestions that will not cause a heated debate about "wet or dry".

Your smoker must be cured first. First, heat your smoker to four hundred degrees for about half an hour. Next, continue heating it to two hundred fifty degrees for a few hours. This will help to eliminate any dust, shavings, and other toxins that can be found in smokers. You'll soon be tempted to eat chicken that tastes like a spray-painted aluminum beer can.

Second, make sure you buy the right meat. Although you can make almost any cut of meat a delicious treat for the smoker, some cuts are better than others. Only the best will do in some cases. You won't get great results using cheap, mass-produced sausages, no matter how hard you try. 

You may also want to be mindful of your health when buying meat. It doesn't take a lot of high-fat meat to make a great barbecue, but enough marbling will keep you from spending too much time smoking something that has been smoked far too dry.