The need for high energy to produce more milk and to achieve quicker recovery from birthing, the farmer is required to provide a very fast energy diet to the animals.

Best rumen bypass fat is an extremely digestible energy supplement that can fulfill the aforementioned need. Bypass fat is calcium salt of fatty acids ranging from 50 to 80 percent, depending on client requirements. 

, bypass fats for dairy

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It's 100% inert to the rumen by boosting high metabolism, improving the production of milk, milk quality, reduces digestive troubles, and boosts the body condition by reducing weight reduction. This contributes to increased conception and fertility.

Rumen bypass or also called "protected fats" are dry fats that are refined to be readily managed and blended into all animal feeds. Since natural fatty fats have high melting points, they are largely insoluble at rumen body temperature. 


-Perfect for lactating and transition  animals.

-Enhances milk production from early lactating animals.

-Satisfy the nutrient needs in high-performance dairy animals.

-Delivering rumen bypass fat to the small intestine effectively.

-Will Help in lowering rumen heat production.

-Quicker recoveries for calves.

-Reproductive performance can be enhanced because the cow may soon return to positive energy balance which can affect follicle size, egg fertility, circulating blood, and progesterone levels.

-Optimum nutrient absorption for animals.

-Increases appetite.