Buying a shirt for menswear is not an easy process – there are so many options and styles. The dress is not the usual lining for a suit, but has become an extraordinary item of clothing in men's wear. With a wide variety of collars, pockets, cuffs, and pleats, the combinations are endless.

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There are also a wide variety of patterns, fabrics and colors that give men many choices. Men's shirts should not be chosen only for a specific purpose, but can also be chosen to enhance and complement the characteristics of the user.

The shirt collar is one of the most important stylistic components of a shirt. From classic, traditional and English styles, they can be wide, contoured or narrow; straight or stretched, and some may have rounded points.

The collar defines the formality of the shirt and, if chosen correctly, will beautify the face of the wearer. The most flexible collars are button-down collars and look great with or without a tie without sacrificing an elegant look. Button-style shirts are usually worn with a sports coat, blazer, or sweater. The most formal collars are wing collars, which make them the least flexible.

Cufflinks are also available in various designs. The style is round, square, convertible or French. With cut or beveled corners or cut and beveled corners. French cufflinks are the most formal and worn with a suit, but always look great.

The cuff can have one to three buttons, which can be simple or ornate. For a more casual look, short sleeves are also available in a variety of looks, from plain to V-shaped cuffs and cuffs.