More and more videos are put on the web, but not everyone can view the video on a Web page because they do not have the appropriate video player. In order to make people see the whole video on a Web page, the most video styles were converted to flash styles, such as SWF and Flv.

Flash video converter is a tool to convert video to flash. There are other different video encoders available on the market that you can avail of. There are even free audio and video converters such as that you can find online. 

Features of the tool.

Interface Style:

  • Traditional Windows style and paging method.
  • Windows XP style and Wizard methods.

Input Video Type 

  • Windows Media 
  • QuickTime 

Output Type

  • FLV
  • FLV, SWF

Video Capture & Split

  • Input video preview by frame and rough video capture.
  • Input video preview by frame, difficult and rough video capture, and video split.

If you are a beginner and you want to convert your video files to SWF files to play them on the Internet, video to flash converter will be a good choice. It has an interface that is very easy and allows you to see the main settings you have done. 

If you only want to convert video files to SWF files, a simple video conversion tool is all fine. However, if you want good quality and small file size, Video to Flash encoding tools will be the best choice.