When pilots fly planes, they really are the masters of the sky. Even though flying is one of the most exhilarating experiences, finding the best gift for a pilot is no easy task.

Most pilots usually have it all, so choosing which aviation gifts can be a tricky problem.  You can also visit the funkypilotstore to get the best gifts for pilots.

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To make things easier, we offer the best gift ideas for pilots.

1. Safe Flying Keychains: If you want to tell the pilot what you want, there are lots of ways to do it. An easy way to do this is to give him a key ring with a message on it. 

It has an aluminum strap and is therefore quite light.  This makes a great travel gift for pilots before they take their trip. 

2. Airplane Bottle Opener: An airplane bottle opener can be one of the best gifts for pilots. This one has a multicolored silver metallic finish that gives it a vintage look. 

Anyone who loves planes and, of course, drinks will appreciate your choice. Although smaller among aviation gifts for pilots, it is actually quite heavy and has an excellent appearance due to its metallic finish.

3. Aviator Glasses: It would be very disappointing if you didn't include aviator sunglasses in the list of the best gifts for pilots. Aviator goggles were originally known as "pilot goggles" because they were designed to protect the pilot's eyes while flying. 

Understandably, these sunglasses seem best on pilots and have been a fashion item since the mid-30s. 

Find a similar one that looks elegant on the pilot you know and one that he wears quite a lot. In fact, it will likely become an integral part of their style.