We are all familiar with avocados, but few are averse to this strange fruit, and although the rules of usage are confined to Mexican food on the majority of tables, it's always seemed to be welcomed. 

It is usually served as a garnish for the taquitos and chimichangas but is usually used as a dip that we call Guacamole (the name was originally used to refer to a cactus-based salsa) which is essentially crushed avocado mingled with fresh salsa. For affordable avocados, you can also browse Avo Orchard to buy avocados online.

Avocado can be considered a vegetable, but it's a fruit, of course, and has a uniquely strong, and slightly spicy flavor. It's also delicious in salads made from fresh produce or blended with a vinaigrette for an excellent thickener, or cut into pieces as garnish. 

It can also be utilized to add flavor and nourishment to hamburgers and sandwiches. Avocados can also be cut and eaten in sashimi. It is also used on California sushi rolls.

The list of ingredients almost ends there since avocados react badly to the cooking of any kind. The flavor is unpleasant and their texture is sloppy and the meat turns brown and unappetizing when they are exposed to any type of cooking temperatures.

For cooks, there are many ways to experiment with avocado, especially when it comes to luncheon dishes. What about wrapping them in prociutto and fresh basil or lettuce, then dipping the avocados in Parmesan vinaigrette? 

There are a few spicy cold coleslaw recipes that would appreciate avocado as well, and cold gazpacho is an obvious choice as well.