Stair railings can be made from many materials. 

The cost of stair railings will depend on the material used, how they are made and how attractive they will look. You can even get the best aluminum stair railing via for your home.

Wood is a popular choice for railings that are outside, such as porches or decks. Vinyl and composite railings are gaining popularity as vinyl is more durable to weather.

Although it is less resistant to sunlight and other external factors, pressure-treated pine thrives under the rain. The metal railing, which includes wrought iron, stainless steel, and aluminum is another type of railing. 

Aluminum is very durable. The enamel coating makes it resistant to weather and can be easily damaged by the elements. As the connector to the rectangular balusters, cable stair railings are made from stainless steel.

If the balusters are farther apart, but there is a transparent or translucent panel in the center, then acrylic and glass railings will work best.

All of these categories can be used to make indoor railing systems. Wrought iron is the most commonly used metal, especially in medium-sized homes. Its appearance isn't as appropriate.

If you are interested in wood railings, then oak railings will be the best choice. They go well with hardwood landings and stairs. They also look better when stained than painted.