Air fryers are advertised as a revolutionary product that allows people to eat fried foods without consuming the same amount of fat as that of a traditional fryer. Some people believe that if the fried food is being prepared with less oil and contains less fat, then there must be some strings attached to the product. They think that maybe cooking in an air fryer will result in other side effects, but all these are just rumors.

Air fryers are made using cutting-edge technology, which allows the preparation of food items in less oil. The food is prepared using hot air, which is the same mechanism that is used in convection microwaves. Therefore, frying foods in an air fryer will not just make them healthy, but delicious as well.

The food will be crispy on the outside and juicy inside, which is what you expect from fried foods. Coming to the question of which air fryer is the best, then this can be answered if you read reviews of best air fryers by consumer reports. Check out the details about the 10 best air fryers and decide which air fryer suits your requirements the best. Switch to healthy cooking by getting an air fryer and add more years to your life.