Divorce and separation can be very stressful for couples who have ended their marriage. The process can be more difficult if children are involved. A long and difficult legal battle can cause emotional scarring for all involved. Alternatives to going to court can make the divorce process easier. These alternatives are also less costly and more efficient than court battles. So you can book appointment now for the best legal separation agreement.

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In Ontario, collaborative family law allows for a dignified, cooperative approach to divorce and separation. This process is relatively new and works best for couples who can communicate rationally and reasonably to resolve their problems. Collaborative family law uses a team approach to help spouses resolve issues that arise after a divorce. The "team" is made up of both spouses and their lawyers.

Any other professionals that they consider necessary are also included. The team may include financial experts, such as accountants, business and retirement valuators, and family specialists like therapists or parenting coordinators. The spouses can decide who they want to include in their team with the help of the lawyers. Sometimes, the lawyers do not need to be involved in all aspects of negotiation. This team approach is efficient and cost-effective because spouses have the right expertise at all times.

In Ontario, collaborative family law can be used to resolve conflict after separation. Each party must participate in settlement meetings. If one spouse decides to go to trial, the entire team must leave the process. This is a motivator for spouses and lawyers to work together to negotiate and reach an agreement.