You might want to learn more if you are looking to conceal gaps or missing teeth, or if you have difficulty chewing or losing bridges. These and many other dental problems can be solved permanently with the best dental implants in Brooklyn. Implants are placed in the jaw by a periodontist to create an artificial root.

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Implants can give confidence to those who have lost a tooth because of periodontal disease, injury, or a root canal. A dental implant can replace a removable denture if you have bridgework. This procedure is possible without the use of neighboring teeth.

Dental Implants

Your dental implant is part of your jawbone so gum recession can be eliminated. Dental implants look and feel just like natural teeth.

There are a variety of dental implants

To determine which type of dental implant is right for you, your implant dentist will meet with you and your regular dentist. There are two types of dental implant: Endosteal and Subperiosteal.

The most common type of implant is endosteal. To attach the bridgework or tooth, a screw or cylinder is inserted into the jawbone.

A subperiosteal implant is recommended for patients who are unable or unable to wear traditional dentures.

Implants placed in the upper jawbone's back can be difficult because the sinus is so close to it. You must be in good health overall and have healthy gum tissue to be a suitable candidate for a dental implant.