Learn how to make jewelry from wire can take a few minutes or a few years, all depending on how complicated you want your creation to be. Make wire jewelry using the basic principles is similar across all jewelry making.

You will need basic materials, basic fundamental tools, and patience. Nothing creates something perfect on their first try, especially when working with wire is new to you. You can use paracord jigs to make wire jewelry.


Obviously, you will need a wide range of wire to make jewelry wire. You want a wire that is somewhat flexible, so you can build it, but not flexible enough that its shape can be ruined by basic wear and tear.

The strength of the wire will be determined by the material, such as copper or silver, and how difficult it is. These forces will also be determined by the thickness of the wire, also known as a measuring tool.

Paracord Jig for Braceletes & Monkey Fists

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When it comes to making wire jewelry, be prepared for a needle nose pliers to become your new best friend. Different people have different opinions on the type of pliers is best, but most agree that the hook-nosed pliers are always useful.

Pilers provide greater ability to harness and shape the wire for jewelry. Pliers have at least one large and one small plier to help you. This way you can make almost all types of jewelry, from fine, wire-wrapped, beads for thick, crocheted wire bracelets.

You also need some quality wire cutters to start making wire jewelry. If possible, assemble the jewelry box to create and add a ruler, stapler, file polishing cloth, and jewelry.


Take about 10 inches of thin wire and prepare for your patience. Slowly the coil wire into a rotating circle. Take 3 inches of thin wire and dialed up a big circle. Now the coil of wire short turning circle. You now have a modern-looking spiral pendant necklace.