Many people are interested in growing their own crops, fruit, and vegetables. Most don’t have a temperate climate to grow year-round, so it’s interesting to go indoors and focus on year-round perennial growth in their own grow room.

Anyone can enjoy the fun hobby of growing hydroponically indoors, but it’s best to ask yourself a few questions before buying an indoor growing system. You can get the best grow room automation via

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1. How much space do I have for my growing room or my growing box?

It is very important, because the type of plant, the number, and the expected yield depend on the

planting area or growing space. Do you have a garage where you can install a cropping closet system? Will he stay in your room? Can you take it to your basement? Do you want to show it off in the kitchen?

2. How many plants do I want to grow?

Connect with space because the more space you have, the more plants you can grow and the more varieties you can create. Also, think about issues of plant density and dominance.

Plants can become uncomfortable and will cover other plants from available light, causing them stress. It is recommended to take growing boxes at least 6′ tall.

3. How much time should I spend on this hobby?

If you want to start your hobby easily with a guarantee, we recommend that you buy a grow box first. Most of these systems are plug n play and require only a few hours of maintenance per week. Some grow rooms or grow boxes can be serviced in less than 20 minutes a week.

It’s very important, to be honest with yourself about timing. If you are on a business trip, you get an automatic hydraulic system that you only need to visit every 7 days. When you have a lot of free time, choose a cultivation system that you can stir for hours with maintenance, cleaning, and water quality control.