In this age of evolution, life is getting faster and faster every day. This speed has extended beyond cities to include villages. This development has allowed for many things to be achieved, but also brought about a curse called Backpain.

The pace of life has made people suffering from neck and back pain. Sometimes, this pain can make it difficult to perform daily tasks. Hence you can go for spine care hub of Hawaii to treat this problem asap.

Taking medicine is temporary and does not provide a permanent cure. Medical science today has made it possible to find a permanent cure for this problem.

Special treatment such as REP (Relaxation Exercise Protocol) can be used if the patient is experiencing only neck or back pain. The majority of these treatments are so effective that patients can return to their normal lives and become normal people.

The complaints of “Slip disc (gap),” are completely different. These include: Back and leg pain (Sciatica), pain in the calf area of the leg when walking, tingling/numbness. This indicates Slip Disc in the Low Back (Lumbar slip disk or prolapsed or PIVD) and similarly, Neck pain & Hand pain (radicular pain), with tingling/numbness (hands) suggest slip disc (cervical slip disk or PIVD).

An MRI scan can be used to confirm the slip disc. Slip disc cannot be seen on a basic X-ray. Slip disc is often reported by patients who come to the doctor with an X-ray. MRI is required, but not sufficient for accurate diagnosis. MRI scans can now be performed at 50% concession for patients with low income.